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Thread: AC Tune Up/Fix

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    Default AC Tune Up/Fix

    So the Liberty's AC has been struggling for a while.. the refrigerant level and pressure are all correct for the system, but I am still getting poor cooling. I can hear the clutch kick in and it does blow cool air but isn't nearly cold enough to cool the vehicle. When I had the system checked/recharged they said it could possibly be something wrong internally with the compressor but had no way to confirm that without replacing it and hoping for the best...

    Anyone got any suggestions on what to try next? Could a dirty condenser be causing the problem? Should I just bite the bullet and replace the compressor?

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    Is it still cooling better?

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    Quote Originally Posted by H2_RECOVERY View Post
    Is it still cooling better?
    better than it was, but still not great.. i'm starting to think replacing the fan and/or adding an additional fan to improve the air flow across the condenser may be in order.

    thanks for the help.

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