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Thread: August Meeting

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    Default August Meeting

    Hello Everyone,

    Last night we had a first! A member of SWVA4W attended the monthly meeting. I wanted to extend again our Thanks for the effort (3 hour drive). It was good hearing about their club, not so good hearing about the troubles they have had and are currently having.

    1. They have had problems with the local police ticketing 4x4s that that have been altered- lifted or are riding on large tires.

    · The VA4WDA offered to attend a community meeting (local clubs, local Officials, local Police Representative) to open the channels of communication and provide helpful information

    · The VA4WDA suggested contacting the legislative representative from United 4WDA, Carla Boucher. Please remember that if your vehicle is illegal –there is nothing that anyone can do if you are breaking the law.

    2. They are having issues with the National Forest Service.

    · The VA4WDA suggested contacting our Land Use Chairperson- Greg Jackson.

    · The VA4WDA offered to attend a meeting between club representatives and the Forest Ranger, to open channels of communications and establish a good working relationship between parties.

    Another issued discussed was the problem of members not receiving information. Each club provides the VA4WDA with a contact person (some clubs have 2 or 3), any e-mails, special announcements and the like are sent to your club representative (not every member).

    · It’s the responsibility of your club representative to forward e-mails to their members. As you know people change e-mail addresses monthly and it would be impossible for the VA4WDA to act responsibly by trying to keep up with the over 600 member’s e-mail.

    · The VA4WDA web site is a valuable tool. It contains a calendar of events, contact information on the board members and the member clubs, Special announcements are posted on the site and many other features can be found there as well.

    · The newsletter,” Four Wheeling in Virginia”, is currently available on the website and is mailed to members who have requested a hard copy. If you have a member who has changed addresses, you need to contact the VA4WDA with that change! If you add new members you have to contact the VA4WDA with that information; you can add during the year or you can wait till renewal time- please remember they can’t be added if we don’t know who they are.

    The VA4WDA is here to serve its members, but we are only as good as the members who participate. Help us to help you- Foremost in our meeting last night was this point- We can’t be of assistance to your club if you don’t tell us you need help.


    I hope that this brought some light to what I consider to be very important issues. We look forward to working with you!

    Trish Dinsmore


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    Default Re: August Meeting

    The other thinngd that were worked on was updateing the ByLaws and SOPs of VA4WDA, that is still an ongoing process and should be done by Oct or Nov. We also talked about events for 2007, the Poker Run, a Float down the James River, a Crab Feast in the fall and a Casino Night. The Assoc is looking for clubs to host fund raisers for the Assoc.
    Land Use Issues - Gregg Jackson talked about working with VA-DCR for Grant money that is available if we are willing to provide labor for projects. Some of the ideas area trail improvements, repair, land lease or purchase for off highway vehicles. He is going to set up a meeting with the State Officials and Representatives from VA4WDA to discuss this process and our commitment to it. Some of the things that the state would like to see is our ability to respond with work details for trail maintenance, repair and clean ups when they determine that there is a need for it. Also, our ability to provide work details for building new trails.

    One of the side conversations during the meeting was with the representative from SWVA4W Club. We were talking about different trails and areas to wheel at, while we were talking about Tellico he mentioned Harland County Kentucky and Black Mountain Kentuck Off Road Park which he said was as good as Tellico without all of the crowds. There is a campground on site and it is free, also that you get what you pay for. There are several other campgrounds in the area that are better.
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